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Sunday Cumbia Fest 2017

A celebration of the new tropical Melbourne sounds!

A FREE event taking place at 2 venues showcasing new, original and contemporary Cumbia styles including:

Electronic-Psychedelic Cumbia, Chicha, Reggae and Dub.


Cumbia Cosmonauts, Amaru Tribe, The New Monos, The Impossible Monsters, ChiBcha

+ Cumbia Massive DJ’s: Saca La Mois DJ, Tahnioca Cumbiera, Sonidero Esperanza

and special guest performances from members of

Labjacd, La Descarga, Electropical Orchestra

and many more..!

Melbourne’s local artistic community celebrates one of the most popular musical expressions of

Colombia and South America: CUMBIA!!

Born from the encounter of African, Indigenous and European cultures, Cumbia arrived to Australia in the 1970's bringing artists and audiences from all backgrounds together. Since then its contagious rhythms have sparked new musical expressions and cross-cultural collaborations which have inspired an exciting, vibrant and growing movement in the Melbourne music scene.

Vibrating Planet is a new world music label and production company, founded by music producer and visionary Oscar Jimenez aka Chibcha with a collective of local artists and professionals.

VP provides services to Australian and culturally diverse artists with the aim to encourage new and unique musical expressions and collaborations, increase audience and community engagement and inspire social change through artistic experiences.

Cumbia Massive a Melbourne-based sound-system collective of DJs and artists who play tropical music created for dancing on the street. Inspired by the Mexican sound-system movement which is about community building and celebrating diversity in inclusive spaces, Cumbia Massive is becoming a force around Australia.

This event is proudly supported by

Vibrating Planet, Cumbia Massive,

Multicultural Arts Victoria, Creative Victoria

and the Australian Council for the Arts

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